Wednesday, 18 November 2009

An Ode to Patrick, Virginia and Wikipedia

My sister, ever the musical enthusiast picked up my copy of The Magic Position (Album) by Patrick Woolf. Here, the love affair began.

She'll never forget how her love began, unlike me.

So she comes to me with songs by him i haven't even heard and versions i never knew existed and i do the same. She, despite having the harder job, always outshines me.

Despite her recent admission/confession that she liked 'Folk' music, she's still cooler than me.
But can she solve To The Lighthouse based problems?

She tottled up to me this fine Sunday eve and asked what 'To The Lighthouse' was about. (Die Patrick).
And i told her that i thought it was a bit of a folly about Virginia. And her death.

Then i realised that i'd missed so so much out.
So i sat for about an hour researching every little detail of the song and did her a nice big information overload.

One part was missing.
Saw the spike of the railings
On the 28/3rd floor.

I put it to you, my public.
That it's not

Virginia died on the 28th of the 3rd.
And thus, the mystery was solved.
God love Wikipedia.

Nice to see the boy in something a little bit higher brow than what he's used to.
But lets not make a habit out of it.

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