Saturday, 21 November 2009

An Ode To Stardom

She's just like everybody else.
A regular 'People's Favourite'.
A nice girl.

She's boring
and hurrendously cringeworthy.
And that was BEFORE you read her Twitter.

nanyte :) x
is at a gig with it =] x

That's two 'smileys' already. And a nod to McFly. *BANG*

is online in barnsley and sheffield tonight =]
xx hope youre all well!!xx

Living the life of a star. Yorkshire is
the place to be. Clearly.

Lucie Jones is a boring mother fucker.
Follow her.
She good, mama.

Today i followed JLS, Alexandra Burke, Diana Vickers and Badlashes.
Look at how good my life is...
It's almost as good as Lucie's. But not quite.

So far, she's played in Swansea, Brighton, Newcastle, Harrogate and Stockport.
What a life, ey?

For tweets like this....

Stinky nickers get ur ass here dude!!! u nobed.........i love you!!!!

Follow the, seemingly drunken, @RuthLorenzo1
Remember El Breasties from last year?

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