Thursday, 29 October 2009

An Ode to Tiresias

Originally scribed 12.10.09

"I know what we can go as...
We can dress all in black
and tie a shot glass around necks
and go as a 'shot in the dark."

I grew up as a real boy.
In a real town with its own, often real, sometimes surreal, problems.
I lived the 'Hicksville-meets-dystopian-vision' town.
I am the embodiement.
As are all of their own home towns.
But the comparative success story.
I dream of 'big disused towers, cranes and the coincidence [and beauty] of grey clouds in the distance'.
I dream of the Middle Classes, too.
And their 'Room Of One's Own' belief that any room plus a laptop makes their eyes wider and their brains engaged.

The privilege of an unprivilege life is that you see the wonder in everything.