Tuesday, 29 December 2009

An Ode to Bethlehem

'I remember that time someone found Mother Theresa in their pasty...'

I wish i could say that, more often than not, the papers I find my self reading are filled with images of Christian deities mysteriously, perhaps heavenly, placed within every day objects. I wish i could claim that this was because I read high-brow, middle-class or perhaps even intellectual rags. I don't.

Friends, nobles, countrymen...
a feast!

Of all things Holy.
And other things blasphemous.

Mother Theresa; a pastry miracle

believe the general consensus would have it that Old Momma T wasn't the most beautiful of humans ever to feed the poor. Whereas the Virgin Mary, a Middle Eastern teen, scores major
'artist's interpretation' points because Photography was unheard of in and around Bethlehem and the surrounding areas, Mother T's face is as easily googleable as Paris Hilton's sex tape. No one can argue she was as ugly as this Pastry depicts her. More of a flaky insult than a divine depiction of a modern day saint.

Chocolate Jesus; Cocoa, let us adore him
Yes. It's manufactured. But doesn't the quirky, tongue in cheek nature of Christ the Confection titillate a little? Yes. For about five minutes. The chocolate will probably taste American.
Like foreign smarties. Like cardboard. Or Holy Communion.

What do you get when you cross Christmas Dinner with the Baby Jesus... literally?
NerdHurdles has the answer.
And it is meat based.

Pay close attention.
Ignore the salad.
Roast Carrots.
White and red meat
The head is made of Minced lamb and there's a swaddling blanket of swine.

God love Canadians with Humour.

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  1. i literally lol'd the whole way through this
    'a flaky insult', hahahahahaha!