Wednesday, 26 August 2009

An Ode to Woolf, Hermes and PDSA

Look at the below shoes. Take the wings off, they'd be perfect.
They are perfect. I have seen them wingless.
Wings on, they look like a ty-beanie-baby/ugg-boot cross-breed.
Stay well clear of Winged Shoes.
Even if the Stymester is wearing them.

I'll never forget him/ the leader of the pack

Clarissa Dalloway is my role model, for she is a whizz around London and good at getting-things-done. Read Mrs Dalloway. Virginia Woolf. It won't take you long.

Rule number 1:
if you spend £120 in Charity Shops over three days, you are allowed to write about it. More on this later. I await my sister's return from her friend's house to play Moss and Bailey and go overboard with the Digicam.


  1. wings or no wings, i need to sell them! =D

  2. i cant believe you spent 120 quid.

    second tan bag or not!